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Community Connections Support Services is a private agency directed by Brian and Jackie Burnham, holds a current CARF accreditation and is in excellent standing within its communities. Community Connections was established in 1991 and has been providing exceptional support to people living with a disability since that time.

Services in the Central Okanagan include Home Share Coordination,  Residential Support, and a Community Support program.  The Community Support program includes individual services and facilitated group programs such as:

  • Men’s Group
  • Ladies Who Lunch
  • Walking club
  • Craft group
  • Cooking club
  • trips to Vancouver for hockey games and football games
  • an annual retreat

The services are often based on social and recreational opportunities for the individual.  We also provide residential services offering 24-hour one-on-one support to people in their homes.

In the West Kootenays, CCSS provides Home Share Coordination, Residential Supports, and a Community Support program.  Our residential services provide supports based on a 24-hour model for people in their homes where we help support health or behavioural challenges.

In the East Kootenays, CCSS provides Home Share Coordination.

Management Support Team:

Brian Burnham
Director of Operations
250-491-2907 ext.101 or toll free 1-888-491-2907 ext.101
Email: brian@commconn.ca

Brian has been with Community Connections since its inception in 1991.  He has a background in Psychology and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia and a Masters degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University.  Brian has over 25 years of experience in the human services and has supplemented this with training specific to employee development, resource development, accounting and financial management, personnel, group dynamics as well as a whole range of support strategies and techniques with regard to providing world class supports for people who live with a disability.  He has a commitment to building great teams by bringing together groups of talented, dedicated professionals around the people we are privileged to serve.

Jacqueline Burnham
Director of Strategic Management
250-491-2907 ext. 102 or toll free 1-888-491-2907 ext.102

Jackie has been with Community Connections since 2005 and has worked as Support Worker, Senior Support Worker, Community Support Worker and Quality Assurance Manager with the agency and is currently its Director of Strategic Management.  She brings with her a background in Psychology, Accounting and has worked in the human services field since 1990.  Jackie also received a BA with distinction from Royal Roads University in the field of Justice Studies.  She has been responsible for leading teams in several agencies to achieve CARF accreditation and is committed to assisting Community Connections Support Services to maintain its person-centered focus while delivering a high level of accountability.

Joanne Walker
Operations Manager
250-491-2907 ext. 107 or toll free 1-888-491-2907 ext.107
Email: joanne@commconn.ca

Joanne joined the Community Connections team in 2012 and came with an extensive background in legal administration.  Her exceptional skills in organizational management and analysis has revealed her inherent human service values and interest in being accountable to those we support and employ.  Joanne has been instrumental in helping to create and maintain our agency’s continuous quality improvement systems and is a valued member of our team.

Vivienne Prather
Service Coordinator, Residential Support (West Kootenays)
Email: viv@commconn.ca

Viv has worked front-line with CCSS since 2004 as a Support Worker, Senior Support Worker, Health & Safety Officer, and Health & Safety Coordinator.  After raising her children, she graduated with honours from the Human Service Diploma Program with excellence in Woman’s Studies and Psychology.  Previous work experience includes transitional supports to women who experience violence and their children, teaching English, and career development.  Her education and experience brings a sociological, person-centred, and experiential perspective to her current responsibilities to the team as Residential & Community Service Coordinator in the West Kootenays.

Anshulee Jamwal
Service Coordinator, Community Support & Residential Support (West Kootenay)
Email:  anshulee@commconn.ca

Anshulee has been part of the Community Connections team since 2014 as a residential support worker, community support worker and senior support worker. She holds a Masters Degree in English and has completed training in Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Education. Anshulee’s education and experience complement her person-centred philosophy of providing support and she excels at leading teams to assist those we support to reach their fullest potential and realize their personal goals.

Jane Fedyk
Quality Assurance Manager
250-491-2907 ext. 106 or toll free 1-888-491-2907 ext.106
Email: jane@commconn.ca

Jane joined Community Connections Support Services in 2015 working in the Home Share program, and is currently the agency’s Quality Assurance Manager.  She comes to CCSS with a diverse and extensive background in the community living field.  After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at UBC Okanagan,  Jane followed her passion for social justice and advocacy in a variety of roles, having over ten years of experience in direct service delivery for individuals and groups, program development and coordination, and application of CARF standards to continuous quality improvement framework.  Jane became a certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor in 2013, and she has enjoyed the exchange of experiences and ideas that occurs in teaching NCI to others.

Lindsay Peabody
Service Coordinator, Home Share Services (East and West Kootenay)
Email: lindsay@commconn.ca

Lindsay joined Community Connections Support Services in 2011 as a Home Share Coordinator. Her strong leadership skills and exceptional work ethic led to her promotion to Senior Home Share Coordinator and ultimately to her current position as Service Coordinator for Home Share Services in the East and West Kootenay regions. Her nursing background and her obvious passion for being of service to others reflect her interest in assisting others to grow and achieve their personal goals. Lindsay’s strong organizational skills and her ethical and values-based approach provide the tools and framework to assist those we support, and their caregivers, to achieve success.

Joel Gunther
Service Coordinator, Residential, Community Support & Home Share Services(Central Okanagan)
250-491-2907 ext. 104 or toll free 1-888-491-2907 ext.104

Joel first joined Community Connections as the Service Coordinator for residential and community support services in the Kelowna area. Joel has had a lifetime of experience supporting his brother, who lives with Autism; this informed Joel’s choice to pursue a career in the field of community support. Having lived with someone with Autism his whole life, and being committed to a philosophy of lifelong learning, Joel went on to obtain his Autism Spectrum Certificate and Behaviour Intervention Certificate. Joel brings with him over a decade of experience in a variety of roles in community living, including coordinating residential supports, providing and coordinating support across multidisciplinary teams, and developing teams to deliver services to both youth and adults who have diverse needs. Joel is passionate about helping people build better lives for themselves, is excited about bringing his enthusiasm to the team at Community Connections, and looks forward to having a positive impact on his community.

Emily Tidmarsh
Health and Safety Coordinator
Email:  healthandsafety@commconn.ca

Emily has been with Community Connections since 2012. She brings with her a background in Neuroscience from the University of Alberta. Emily remains committed to providing excellent front line support to those she serves and also has a strong interest in Health and Safety issues. She has been a Health and Safety Officer and is now the agency’s Health and Safety Coordinator. She is keen to uphold the standards set out by CARF and WorkSafe BC and is focused on providing the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain a safe workplace for employees and persons served.

Connect with us!

phone     250-491-2907
fax            250-491-2920
toll free 888-491-2907
email      mail@commconn.ca
web         commconn.ca

KELOWNA – Office:

275 Rutland Road North
Kelowna, BC V1X 3B1

NELSON – Mailing address:

15B View Street
Nelson, BC V1L 2T9

CRANBROOK – Mailing address:

RPO PO Box 20004
Tamarack Mall,
Cranbrook, BC V1C 6K5

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