We heard you…


Community Connections is committed to making our services the best they can be – and we like to check in with the people we serve to see how we’re doing.

That’s why we send out a feedback survey each Spring.  We want to make sure that we are supporting you to do the things you like to do.  We also want to keep great working relationships with you and your family or caregiver.  We want to hear your suggestions about how we could make our services better.

We use the ideas and information you give us to improve our services for you – and this page is your link to check in on how we do that!

Using the information we get from our survey, we are very excited to share the action steps we will be taking as we work hard to improve.  You can check in, see what is in the works, and leave us comments on everything you see as it develops.

Check up on our efforts anytime you like, and leave us comments if you want – we are looking forward to keeping you in the loop.