What is Respite

Respite providers are adults chosen and paid by the Home Share Provider to provide scheduled ‘breaks’ to the Home Share Provider. Respite Providers offer ‘relief’ support to the person receiving Home Share Support. This ‘relief’ typically takes place in the Respite Provider’s home for a short period of time (usually weekends). For more information, please refer to our policy pp039 Respite, Volunteers & Assistants found in our Policy and Procedures Manual.

Benefits of Respite

For the Person Supported:

  • provides social, recreational and growth opportunities
  • provides an opportunity for the individual to stay with another family and form relationships

For the Home Share Provider:

  • provides a break from the caregiver role
  • offers an opportunity to enhance other family relationships

For the Respite Provider:

  • provides an opportunity to share their lives and demonstrate to their family the benefits of respite care
  • provides additional family income

How to Calculate a Respite Rate

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  1. Do I need to request a criminal record check from my parents if they are providing respite? I understand the need for it if you don’t know the person’s history but what about in this case? Your comments would be appreciated.

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