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As of March 2019, all Service Providers contracting with CLBC must ensure that their employees and subcontractors complete mandatory training in privacy practices.  Please complete the online CLBC Privacy and Information Management course.  You will receive a certificate of completion once you’re done.  Please send us a copy!

Watch our Medication Administration training video fullscreen on YouTube here.  This training is based on our policy about Medications for Persons Supported — that’s policy hs080 in our policy and procedures manual.  Complete the training test here.

Want to learn about how to protect yourself and others from illness and infection?  Review our policy on Infection Control – Routine Practices and do our online QUIZ – Infection Control-Routine Practices.

Interested in enhancing your safe driving skills?  Check out this hazard perception training application called Street Sense being offered through ICBC.  You can also check out this on-demand webinar from Road Safety At Work to learn tips to prevent collisions with wildlife.

Looking for a flexible way to enhance your knowledge and skills?  Through Community Connections, you can check out Open Future Learning – an online learning provider 100% dedicated to the field of intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities.  Contact your Service Coordinator for more information about getting set up to login.

CLBC’s Standards for Home Sharing course is available online!  This course is free to take, is available online, is broken down into flexible modules around key themes, and offers a certificate once completed.  There are great resources (videos, help sheets, tips) built into the content, too.  Check it out – click here.

Free online education – this resource is from Australia, and now includes a module out on supporting mental health in people with developmental disabilities and Autism.  There is a section specifically for caregivers of folks with DD and mental health needs as well.

Google has made a series of five short videos about online safety which can be accessed on YouTube:

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES – Materials and Education:

Selkirk College Continuing Education Calendar

UBC Okanagan Events

Okanagan College Continuing Studies

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