Our Mission Statement & Philosophy

Community Connections Support Services’ Mission Statement:

It is we.

Community Connections Support Services’ Philosophy:

It is we.
It is not us and them.

We assist people to eat.
We do not feed them.

We assist people to bathe, dress and get ready.
We do not bathe, dress and get them ready.

We go out.
We do not go on outings.

We go out with someone.
We do not take them out.

We ask people questions, give choices and suggest.
We do not command, order or tell.

We are support persons who assist people in their homes.
We are not group home staff.

We support people who live with challenges.
We do not work with the handicapped.

We assist people to get ready for bed.
We do not put them to bed.

It is we.
It is not us and them.

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