World Mental Health Day

Hey everyone, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) is highlighting how our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has raised our awareness of mental health challenges.

Most importantly, the WHO wants to raise awareness about a mental health challenge that impacts about 5% of adults worldwide: depression. Below you can find PDF factsheets about depression, and about living with someone with depression. The WHO has video testimonials on their website about mental health and support, check them out here. They also have an entire page for mental health resources for the public, check that out here.

Cold and flu season…

Hey everyone, the weather is getting cooler as we head into cold and flu season. The symptoms of the flu can be similar to the symptoms of COVID-19 — so, it is very important if you feel unwell or have symptoms that you call 811 (or your doctor) and get tested for COVID-19.

Here is some more information about colds and the flu from HealthLink BC.

Hand washing helps keep you and others healthy by stopping the spread of germs, including those that can cause the flu. Use water and soap and wash your hands for at least as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice (about 20 seconds)!

CLBC COVID-19 Update for self advocates and families…

Hey everyone, CLBC is hosting a teleconference update on Thursday next week (September 23) from 11:05 am-12 pm (PDT) with Dr. Daniele Behn Smith (Deputy Provincial Health Officer), Ross Chilton (CEO of CLBC), and Michael J. Prince (CLBC Board Chair).

You can email questions using subject line “SEPT 23 COVID CALL” until Tuesday at noon (September 21). Call in on Thursday to 1-877-353-9184 (participant code: 11453# ).

Voting Day…

Hey everyone, the federal election is happening on Monday, September 20th.

There are health and safety precautions in place for voting day, you can read more about them here on the Elections Canada website or check out their video.

Elections Canada also has a page of COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions set up here.

CLBC COVID-19 Update for Home Share Providers…

Hey everyone, CLBC is hosting a teleconference update on Tuesday next week (September 21) from 3pm-4pm (PDT) with Dr. Daniele Behn Smith (Deputy Provincial Health Officer), Ross Chilton (CEO of CLBC), and Brenda Gillette (CEO of the BC CEO Network).

You can email questions for Dr. Behn Smith using subject line “COVID CALL” until this Friday at noon (September 17). Call in starting at 2:55pm (PDT) on Tuesday to 1-877-353-9184 (participant code: 22920#).

CLBC Update for Individuals & Families

Hey everyone, CLBC’s update for August 27th is now posted. All CLBC updates are posted on their website here and you can sign up to get updates using the link to the sign up page.

Highlights included this update: