The Advocacy Centre of Nelson, BC

Disability Alliance BC


People First of Canada



From their website:
This site provides legal information, education and help
for British Columbians. What is here for you?


From their website:
UNTAPE is a site where people with disabilities and their families come to share practical tips for cutting through red tape and get the help they need.


From their website:
EQUALS is an independent and non-partisan coalition of citizens who fight to defend the rights of people with disabilities in British Columbia.


From their website:
Welcome! This website is an opportunity for people with disabilities and the broader community to engage in dialogue around issues that matter to all of us. INSPIRE – INFORM – EMPOWER. Make sure your voice is heard: join the conversation!

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

Community Living British Columbia

Service Canada – Canada Benefits

PovNet – Find an Advocate

Self Advocate Net

Advocacy BC

Persons with Disabilities Online

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