Special payments from government…

Hey everyone, this morning the Prime Minister announced special one-time, tax-free payment to people who receive the Disability Tax Credit as of June 1, 2020 — which could mean an extra $600 for those eligible. More information is available here on Castanet and we will post further details as they become available.


There is a COVID-19 financial help guide available here that asks 7 to 10 questions, and shows a customized list of benefits that may help at this time.

One AMAZING employee….!

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Hi everyone:

We have a compliments section on our website but sometimes there’s something that comes in that is too good not to share more widely. It is obvious how much Kevin H who is one of our unsung heroes at CCSS is valued by CT, Carolyn S and Beth B but no better stated than by Beth and Carolyn in this note to Thea W (their Home Share Coordinator):

Good Morning Thea: I am unsure who to send this to so thought you could pass it on for Carolyn and I…. There are people all over our Country going above and beyond right now… I think, sometimes we might overlook those right here, close to home. When Covid19 started, and people started to isolate (we started a week earlier then most) we made it very clear to our Support Workers that, if they did not feel safe coming to the house during all this we would understand. We also told Kevin if he needed to stay home AND if CCSS would not cover his wages (we had no idea what your agency policies were regarding that)… we would personally cover the wages because Kevin is so important to CT and we did not want him to lose his worker. So, in a nut shell… Kevin could be sitting at home with a full wage and being safe… lots of people have had to do this. Kevin chose not to do this…. instead he has shown up every day, taking his coat/sweaters off outside, changing his shoes, entering the house, disinfecting his hands, putting a mask and gloves on… all of which he wears the entire time he is here. He sits with CT, talks to him (non-stop), allows CT to hold his hand… he does this every day. To truly appreciate what this all means is to KNOW our C… he must be watched constantly… he is extremely high needs. Kevin never “misses” anything when it comes to looking after this young man. He takes care of all the medical and physical requirements associated with C. We were told that (via Doctors), should C contract this virus it would be unlikely he would survive…a difficult reality… but life for C and us. Because of this Carolyn and I decided to make a film for C’s birth family… just in case… so they would have him in their homes… because they all live so far away… and in case we lose him to Covid19. We did “A Day in the Life of C”…the filming started at 6 a.m. and ended at 8:30 p.m. Kevin, sitting with C spent 3 days editing the filming, transferring it all to flash drives so we could send it to his family members. Prior to all this Kevin also went out and purchased a new laptop for C, set it all up for us, and figured out how to install ZOOM so C’s family could also connect with him every week, in addition to them receiving the film we all did. These were all things we could not have done for two reason…1) We are stupid when it comes to computers and, 2) We have remained isolated so could not have done C’s purchases. Throughout all these little extras it should be remembered that C’s needs do not change…everything still needs to be done for him and whoever is looking after the medical requirements MUST stay focused and be careful. Kevin does all this when he is here… he goes out with him for walks, empties bags, gives medications, gets coughed on, starts and stops feeds, does all the flushes. Some could say…”yes, but he gets paid”……Carolyn and I say….”Find a man (note “man”) who would do this, during this pandemic, putting up with us, getting coughed on, having to wear masks and gloves (for 5 hour shifts)….when he could be sitting at home, with pay… you would be hard pressed…”If you have some sort of staff appreciation/ recognition…please put Kevin’s name in there somewhere…we verbally thank him every day…but we are sure, if you actually knew everything he does for C… you would also (because he is employed by your agency) like to take a moment to give him an extra thank you… he deserves it 100%. Thank you for your time, stay safe and healthy. Beth B, Carolyn S and CT

from Beth B and Carolyn S about the amazing Kevin H!


Cranbrook’s community spirit….!

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Hey everyone:

Lindsay P. , one of our Service Coordinators, shared this awesome story of a scene she witnessed last night in her home town of Cranbrook. Thanks Lindsay and way to go Cranbrook…!!!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to quickly share what’s been happening in Cranbrook.  Some folks have created a group for those who have birthdays, and can’t celebrate them.  They decorate their vehicles and do a drive by parade of honking and waving.  (In addition to that I know Cranbrook is with the masses in celebrating front line workers at 7:00pm every night.)

The girls and I had the pleasure last night of seeing a birthday drive by(not sure who’s birthday it was), but this caravan of vehicles drove past our street, cheering, honking and waving to everyone in their windows.  An ambulance and a police car were part of it too.  It was a pretty neat experience, and I was proud of the way our small community has come together during this time.

I must say, social distancing and social isolating has been easy for me being introverted, yet this particular moment last night felt heart breaking and emotionally charged for me thinking about all those things people (kids) are having to forgo during this time for the safety and well being of the world.  It also made me think again about all those people that might be really struggling with this idea.

Anyways, just a little story I thought I would share to add some positivity to the day.

Choir! Choir! Choir! – Choir!ntine!

Hey everyone:

This is a great news story – Choir! Choir! Choir! is a group of ‘flash mob’ singers where a pile of people gather at a club or a bar to sing a song or two – I can’t personally wait for this COVID quarantine to be over to go somewhere they are singing to participate. Plus… they’re CANADIAN…!

Some of my favourites: Choir! Choir! Choir! with Rick Astley, Rufus Wainwright, The Barenaked Ladies and Colin Hay.

The two main guys in Choir! Choir! Choir! have set up a couple of sing-a-longs – this is a great way to sing with them and hopefully add a little music to our lives. See the one below and… stay safe!