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Home Sharing Board Vacancies
Trauma Informed Mediation
Accessible Service Delivery

Happy June to everyone in the Home Sharing community!  We have been very busy at the HSSSBC planning events, speakers & opportunities for you to provide your input to make a difference in home sharing.
Important Days in JuneAlzheimer’s & Brain Awareness MonthDravet Syndrome Awareness MonthNational Employee Wellness MonthCataract Awareness MonthThe Longest Day (Alzheimer’s Awareness) – June 21Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day – June 23National PTSD Awareness Day – June 27
Home Sharing Support Society BC – Board Member VacanciesThe Home Sharing Support Society BC currently has some opportunities to serve on our HSSSBC Board of Directors.  Want to contribute?  If you have are a self-advocate, or have legal or accounting experience we would like to hear from you.  The Home Sharing Support Society BC works collaboratively with a cross-section of the Home Sharing community from across the province. This includes families, people in a home sharing arrangement, providers, those coordinating services, self-advocates, funders and other key community partners.  Learn More About Us: https://homesharingbc.ca/about-us/   Accessible-IT converts your PDFs into accessible versions for people with visual or cognitive disabilities.  As many as 20% of internet users have some form of visual impairment. 1 in 3 adults will experience blindness or partial sight as they age. 
Click HERE to check it out!
A Trauma-Informed Meditation to Uncover the Potential for HealingA 12-Minute Meditation to Uncover the Potential for Healing Stop. Here, simply notice any reactions you’re having in this moment. You might notice a particular sensation or stressor. Simply notice. This gentle act of noticing allows us to create some space for our automatic reactions. When we notice, we allow ourselves to choose to respond with intention. 
 Take a breath. Allow yourself to breathe as deeply as is comfortable for you. Breathing deeply can bring us to a state of equilibrium—to a place of support, and maybe even a little peace. 
 Observe. With this greater sense of ease that you’re cultivating, you can continue to observe what is arising for you in this moment. Between stimulus and response, there is space. 
 Imagine. Now, let’s imagine together. First, imagine a door and an invitation to open the door. Imagine walking through and inside the space feels quiet and peaceful. Pause there. Now, bring to mind a memory that brings feelings of joy, and peace, and even a little excitement. Feel the energy of this moment. Pause there. Next, bring to mind a moment when you felt awe. Maybe a beautiful scenic view at the end of a long hike. Imagine the work it took to get you there. And now feel the satisfaction of arriving at this spot. Feel the joy. Pause there. Finally, imagine a kind, loving figure, maybe a grandmother figure. Feel them sharing their warmth and love with you. Reminding you that you are loved. Rest in that peace and love for a moment. Know that this kind, loving space is available to you at any time. 
 Proceed. When you’re ready, bring your attention back to your breath, wiggle your fingers and toes. Know that you can carry this feeling of spaciousness, joy, trust, and ease into your day with you. 
Mindfulness Practice, helps with Cultivating Mindfulness through Meditation (link)
The NTG is a not-for-profit organization charged with ensuring that the interests of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia – as well as their families and friends.    Recently, they held an online webinar and shared some resources that would be useful for the home sharing community: Guidelines for Structuring Community Care and Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Dementia (link). Dalton Protocol for Recording Baseline Information – Instrument Guide (link)  NTG-Early Detection Screen for Dementia (print version here, electronic version here) Jenny’s Diary (link)  
Accessible Service Delivery
From May 31 to July 31 2024, people, organizations and industry groups within B.C. are invited to provide input on draft recommendations for Accessible Service Delivery and Employment Accessibility standards under the Accessible British Columbia Act
These recommendations will form the basis of future accessibility regulations in B.C.   (source: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/accessiblebcactstandards/

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