Exciting Opportunity: Conversations That Matter

We are proud to offer an ongoing subscription to all of our contractors and employees to Conversations That Matter (http://conversationsthatmatter.org). We are really excited to share this opportunity with our home share providers and know that you will enjoy the opportunity to be taught by some of the world leaders in the human services field.

Conversations That Matter is an online convention centre that focuses on training videos geared toward working in the helping professions. As such, internet access is required; if you don’t have it, there might be an opportunity to review the videos at a public venue that has internet access such as a library.

As part of our ongoing training and support efforts, all home share providers are registered for the service. These videos all have questions at the end of each and an opportunity to share your thoughts with us about the content. We’d love it if you took the time to let us know what you think of the videos and are hoping that they’ll generate ideas for future training opportunities and stimulate discussion about the issues that we face in providing supports.

By now, all of our contracted home share providers should have received a e-mail notification of their subscription. Please let your home share coordinator know if you haven’t yet received an invitation.

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