Follow up: Building Networks with and for Each Other Presentation – June 2, 2016

Hi all, check out the fantastic turnout and great news following up from Nancy Ward’s June 2nd presentation “Building Networks with and for Each Other” in Kelowna!


I wanted to share with you a few pictures of last Thursday’s presentation for people with diversabilities.  The speaker, Nancy Ward from Oklahoma City, did a fantastic talk from the heart!!  Nancy educated 58 participants on improving their self advocacy skills and the importance of believing in yourself.  The attendance was overwhelming and the feedback from participants was sincere and positive.  I understand that some of the self advocates met with Nancy Ward after the presentation as well.  Since the presentation, self advocates have arranged for another meeting on Saturday, June 18th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to be held at Pathways (123 Franklyn Road).   Hopefully, they can continue to grow in numbers and support each other in areas of concern.  Nancy Ward will follow up with the group in one year to see how they have advanced.  Please support home shares in your charge to attend and assist them with transportation if needed.  If you have any questions regarding the June 18th self advocate meeting please contact Shelley DeCoste at 250-712-1179.
Finally, helping facilitate this event was a highlight in my career of working with people with diversabilities and I thank you for your support in promoting this event! 
Margaret Milsom
Central Okanagan Professional Caregivers Society

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