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Request for Stories from Home Share Providers, People living in Home Share and their Families

As part of updating CLBC’s Home Share Handbook, the Home Sharing Handbook Working Group Committee has made an extensive revision of the various existing handbook materials, identified additional topics of importance that have surfaced in conjunction with the frequently asked questions about Home Sharing. The first draft of this project is to design a new resource handbook called an ‘Introduction to Home Sharing’ with specific go to references for Home Share Providers, People living in Home Share and for the persons family.  Included in the content of this resource will be stories and videos about experiences in Home Sharing. These stories will invite enthusiasm and provide clear insight as to what Home Sharing exactly means.

If you are presently a Home Share Provider or a Person Living in Home Share or a family member, please share your stories!  Your experiences with Home Sharing are valuable and important in understanding what Home Share truly means. Everyone’s successes tell a different story. We understand every person with diverse abilities assisted in Home Share are unique and come from different cultural backgrounds. The composition of the family of Home Share Providers varies as does living in rural regions.

Please forward your stories by Monday, March 16th, 2020. You can do so either by email to adultcare@shaw.ca or by mail to COPCS, 1844 Golbeck Court, Kelowna, BC, V1P 1L7. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 778-753-2625. We look forward to hearing your stories and inspiration!  Please share this email with your Home Share networks.

Sincerely,, Margaret Milsom & Jack Sawatzky (Committee Members of the Home Share Handbook Working Group)

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