Caregiving And…TOOLS & TRAINING

We are celebrating Caregivers the whole month of November! This week we are talking about Tools & Training. Let’s dive right in.

DIVING IN: What are tools and training? You are a caregiver, and the work you do is very important and very rewarding – but it can also mean you’re faced with changes and have to respond. Tools and training are the things that can help you respond. Tools and training can be anything from workshops and seminars, to articles and books, to videos and panel conversations, to forms and policies, to templates, plans, and checklists, to strategies and techniques…while it’s impossible to list them all in one paragraph, it’s true that, in a digital age, tools and training opportunities are more accessible than every thanks to think internet.


DRILLING DOWN: Why bother with tools and training? Changes can happen fast, whether it’s the needs of the person you support, your personal situation, or the world we live in — as we have seen this year with COVID-19! It can be stressful and feel overwhelming. One piece of advice to help cope with caregiver stress is focusing on the things you can control – like having a plan or developing skills that support you to respond to unexpected changes when they happen. Tools and training help you to feel prepared.

DIGGING DEEP: How to find tools, and get training. Tools and training are more accessible today than ever before. Which resources and opportunities to pick depends on your individual circumstances. We can often help point you in the right direction, if you ask us! Here are a some examples.



Did you know you can access all of Open Future Learning through CCSS? Let us know you’re interested, and we will set you up!

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