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Hi all:

Some info on an RDSP workshop coming up.

Hello, Very beneficial for the people we support if you can attend.  Please RSVP to Linda Farr if you plan on going.
Come out to the next Family Forum meeting and learn about the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Start at 6:30 PM

Where:  CLBC Offices at 1060 Manahattan Drive office, Suite #104

Please RSVP to Linda Farr at linda.farr@gov.bc.ca or by calling 250-712-3610 by 4 PM on Monday, March 14th

About the workshop:

The RDSP helps Canadians with disabilities and their families save for the future.

You should consider opening an RDSP if you have a long-term disability and are:

  • Under age 60 (you must apply before the end of the calendar year in which you turn 59);
  • A Canadian resident with a Social Insurance Number (SIN);
  • Eligible for the Disability Tax Credit; and
  • Looking for a long-term savings plan

**To help you save, the Government will pay a matching Canada Disability Savings Grant of up to $3,500 a year on your contributions

**The Government will also pay a Canada Disability Savings Bond of up to $1,000 a year into the RDSPs of low-income and modest-income Canadians

**No contributions are necessary to receive the bond.

**Grants and bonds are paid into the RDSP until the end of the calendar year the beneficiary turns 49 years old

**Money paid out of an RDSP will not affect your eligibility for federal benefits, and will have little or no impact on social assistance payments

This workshop is offered In Partnership with:  the Government of Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada

For more info go to: www.rdsp.com

Employment and Social Development Canada www.esdc.gc.ca/eng/disability/savings/index.shtml or

Canada Revenue Agency www.cra.gc.ca/rdsp

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