SPOTLIGHT: City of Kelowna – Community for All (Survey)

Hey everybody!  The City of Kelowna is asking for help from the public to prioritize accessibility improvements to parks – take the survey below to participate in this project.

Good afternoon,

The assessment of our City parks has now been completed, and we are working on compiling the data. To help us prioritize improvement efforts in the future, please take a few moments to answer a quick survey found at the following link:

If you are having issues with the survey, or need help filling it in please email me and I will have a summer student give you a call. Please forward the survey on to anyone who identifies with any of the following groups:


Caregiver of a baby/toddler

Deaf or hard of hearing

Blind or visually impaired

Person with a cognitive disability

Person with a mobility disability

Thank you for your time,

Lindsay Clement, MBCSLA, CSLA
Park and Landscape Planner | City of Kelowna
250-469-8563 |

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