SPOTLIGHT: Wildfire preparedness – NELSON

The summer weather is getting hotter – and the means we are heading into wildfire season.  Our Health and Safety Coordinator (Teresa Delorie) found some additional information and resources, and we are sharing them with everyone who may benefit from the information.  Check out the links in the email excerpt, below.
Do you have questions about emergency preparedness?  Leave us a comment.

Our Health and Safety Coordinator (Teresa Delorie) let me know of some news that she heard on her local radio station this morning regarding fire season and I thought I’d pass along the info and links. 
This link is to the news broadcast which suggests that Nelson, B.C. is one of the highest ‘at risk’ cities in BC for wildfire this year
This link is to the Nelson website that provides for an easy sign-up to receive emergency alerts in the Nelson area.
Please feel free to pass along to all staff and HSPs in that area or who may be affected.


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