View the Art of Neil Whiteoak!

View the art of Neil Whiteoak!  On display December 15th, 2015 –  February 28th, 2016 at the Nelson Public Library.  602 Stanley Street, Nelson, BC.
Neil Whiteoak

  Neil’s Background:

Born in 1986, Neil Whiteoak’s warm and engaging personality makes him a well-known and loved member of the Nelson community. Graduating from LV Rogers in 2005, this quiet gentleman continues on his learning journey. Neil’s determination to express himself artistically is inspiring to all who know and support him.

Neil’s Art:

….is his greatest passion – creating works daily. Neil “paints and draws the beauty that is inside of him The Express (year unknown)”. As an amateur artist, Neil’s area of interest lies in the abstract use of vibrant colours and spirals. He envisions any surface as a potential canvas.

Neil’s Interests

When Neil is not using his canvas, he enjoys socializing at local coffee shops, volunteering at Sheer Talent & Anchors and strolling Baker Street – frequently pausing to absorb the city’s sights, sounds, textures and aromas. A car buff and collector of vintage license plates, leisurely drives are a favourite. Rhythmic music and close connections with others bring him joy. He is a lover of nature and seems to draw inspiration from the earth and being outdoors.

A facebook page with info on Neil’s art

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