CLBC COVID-19 Vaccine Info…

A few weeks ago we posted an update from CLBC on COVID-19 vaccine information. Be sure to take a look at how you can be prepared for vaccinations on the BCCDC website here. The ImmunizeBC website also has FAQs on their website here.

CLBC has gathered information about vaccines for service providers, individuals and their families here. They’ve included topics like consent, plain language resources, and how CLBC is working to support BC’s vaccine plan. Check it out here!

CLBC Update for Home Share Providers…

Hey everyone, CLBC has circulated an update to Home Share Providers about the work of the Home Sharing Working Group on these topics:

  • B.C.’s COVID-19 immunization plan
  • Reviewing CLBC’s Home Sharing Plan
  • Home sharing projects: Referral and crisis response, Home sharing handbook, Standards for coordination of shared living
  • Studying a possible new home sharing entity
  • Ongoing COVID resources
  • Next telephone update with Dr. Behn Smith