Mental Health and Behaviour Interface – Dr. Palanisamy

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Have you been confused by hearing ‘they don’t have severe mental illness, they don’t have an Axis 1 diagnosis, they are not psychotic, and they are not certifiable?’

Have you ever wondered why psychiatrists ask so many questions?

Do you find it hard to tell the differences between Functional Behavioural Assessment and Functional Analysis and would like to understand what the terms ‘positive behavioural support plan’, ‘safety plan’, ‘behavioural support plan’ mean?

Would you be interested in learning how behavioural consultants can work together with psychiatrists in managing people with IDD and mental illness?

Join Us for the 2nd Session on ‘Mental Health and Behaviour Interface’ as we would be covering these issues in the presentation. 

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Date & Time: 7th March 2024 | 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm

Platform: Zoom



Aubrey Mosher (BCBA), Michelle Upshaw (BCBA), Vikram Palanisamy (Psychiatrist)

Facilitator: Anne Halas – Facilitator

Topics Covered:

  • Terminology

·       Psychiatric Terms: Severe mental illness, Psychosis, not certifiable, Axis 1 Diagnosis

·       Clarification on terms like FBA, PBS, BSP, Safety Plan, Crisis / De-escalation Plans, Skill building plans

  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Assessment insights
  • Collaboration between BCBA and Psychiatrists with case example

Who Will Benefit: Behavioral therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, CLBC facilitators, family doctors and other staff working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Preparation: Watch our first presentation

Dr Vikram Palanisamy


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