Virtual events with SAOR!

Hey everyone, there are a number of really cool events to attend virtually or by phone through Self Advocates of the Rockies (SAOR) — get connected, and find out what’s happening next:


Check out the Freaky Geeky Talk Show every Monday (July 5, 12, 19, 26) from 7-8 pm MST (6-7 pm Pacific) with Kimberly (email: using the Google Meet Link ( and Dial Number: 1-778-747-9247 with PIN: 572 532 691#.

Participate in Ray’s Phone Tree every Thursday (July 8, 15, 22, 29) from 11:30 am-12 pm MST (10:30 am-11 am Pacific) with Raymond (email Janine Moore at for info).

Jump in with Breaking Away From the Covid Blues Presents: My Summer Bucket List on July 21 from 1-2 pm MST (12-1 pm Pacific) with Lynnetta (email Shanda Johnson at for info) using the Google Meet Link ( and Dial Number: 1-613-778-3895 with PIN: ‪464 255 934#.

Chill with Ray’s Retro Friday Night Music on July 23 from 5-6 pm MST (4-5 pm Pacific) with Raymond (email Shanda Johnson at for info) using the Google Meet Link (

Get involved in Arts & Crafts with Kim on July 29 from 2-3 pm MST (1-2 pm Pacific) with Kimberly (email for more info & supplies to using the Google Meet Link ( and Dial Number: 1-289-349-9404 with PIN: 456 104 362#.

End of an Era…

Hey everyone, as you’ve probably heard, as of tomorrow (May 15th) we will no longer be providing our community support services in Kelowna.  This is a bittersweet moment for us, as this decision was not made lightly, and we have many fond memories of the community support program over the years.

So, today, we are celebrating! We are celebrating all of the wonderful people we have supported. We are celebrating all of the wonderful employees that we have worked with as we have provided supports. We are celebrating all of the achievements and memories that have come along with our time providing these services.

As we mark 30 years providing support in our communities, we are grateful that we have had all the opportunities and experiences in community support with you along the way. We remember with joy all the Naramata retreats, the Canucks trips and the sports games, the road trips and the beach days. We remember with pride supporting and celebrating community living month with our friends and colleagues at Pathways. We remember with gratitude all those who participated, supported, and celebrated WE Days with us in Kelowna.

This is absolutely a big change.  It marks the end of an era in our agency’s history.  But, with every ending, comes a new beginning. We know that all the people we have supported will continue to make great memories and to explore new opportunities with whatever comes next.

Even though the time has come to wish everyone we supported in community support all the best, we will still be around in the community providing our other supports. We will also still be around on here, our own corner of the internet. We welcome you to drop us a line here any time, and you’re always welcome to leave comments for discussion.

Thank you all for being part of our community support here at Community Connections!


Jackie & Brian

Community Inclusion Month!

Hey everyone, October is Community Inclusion Month! With the ongoing response to COVID-19, we are celebrating a little differently this year — check out Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran as he proclaims October Community Inclusion Month, an event that has in past years included the Pathways Inclusion Chain:

How are you celebrating Community Inclusion Month this year? Let us know in the comments!

Harold and Eva’s Epic Adventure!

Harold N in Penticton

Hey everyone:

Got the COOLEST note from Eva C – she and Harold N had an amazing adventure to Penticton from their home in Nelson to see a Roy Orbison tribute. Please check out her note and the pictures below and.. way to go you two…!

Hello Brian
Harold and I wanted to say Hello from our little adventure to Penticton yesterday and on our way back today .
We went to a Roy Orbison Tribute band performance from Victoria called” The Lonely “
Awesome Band!!
We stayed in a motel overnight in Penticton.
I help Harold doing recycling every week and we save up money for tix and food like this Event . We are skipping the Elvis Festival this year . Just to take a break. So this was a perfect :)….
….Here are photos and you can use them on the website HN is cool with that.
Eva and Harold

WE HEARD YOU: Did you know…?

Each year we send out a survey and ask for your feedback. Last spring, we asked you two questions about your quality of life in your community:

  • How could all services in your town better meet your needs?
  • Is there anything that you would like to see in your community that speaks to your interests?

We got back lots of ideas about services, about recreation, and about transportation. Thanks!

Since we looked at the ideas and suggestions we got back, it seemed to us that people might not know that their communities are working hard to meet these needs – so we thought we would share what we know is currently going on.

Here is some information about what’s going on in the Okanagan, and in our Province:

Here is some information about what’s going on in the Kootenays, and in our Province:

Check it out! Feel free to pass along to others.

We Voted!

Hey everyone!

Check out the coolest pics of the gang in Trail off to cast their vote. Did you? What an interesting election it was.

See you out there…!

Fire Extinguishers!

Hi everyone!

Not all of us have had the chance to use a fire extinguisher in real life, but these devices are important safety equipment.  Using them to put out small fires can save lives!

That being said, arranging training on how to use them properly can be challenging.

So, we thought we would revive a previous post from our team (employee) website that included a training video — click here to check out the video, and please  share with others!

Is there specific training you think would be helpful to have?  Let us know in the comments!