Hey there everyone and welcome to the ZEN ZONE, where we take time out each Friday in April to zoom in on stress management information, resources, and strategies.

So let’s start at the beginning: what is stress?

Stress is “the body’s response to a real or perceived threat” and it’s meant to “get people ready for some kind of action to get them out of danger” — and, it can be either helpful, or unhelpful. We’re going to focus on dealing with unhelpful stress. Over the coming month we will have a look at the strategies found in the brochure below, under “what can I do about it” — and we’ll try to find ways to make those strategies something we can do each day.

As we’re exploring our own stress management strategies this month, we can use The Stress Management Society’s 30 Day Challenge resources to get started — check out their calendar to help track the activities you want to do for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for 30 days, and their tips and tricks for choosing activities to try!

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