April 2022: Health and Safety month!

Hey everyone, we are launching our annual Health and Safety month today for April 2022! *And no, this is not an April Fools joke (though we posted a Friday Funny earlier – check it out here!)

Each year we take time in April to focus in on promoting health and safety for everyone we support, caregivers, and employees. We are going to be including a very special focus this year on stress management, which we thought would be helpful as we all continue to cope with COVID-19 in our communities.

You can expect to see weekly posts on Mondays covering different health and safety topics, from Healthy Habits to Home Safety. You can also expect to see weekly posts on Fridays zooming in on stress management strategies. We’ll be including information and sharing resources from our teams during the week, too.

Got a great safety resource or an interesting piece of health info? Don’t be shy – sharing is caring! Drop it in a comment below or send it over in an email!

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