Cranbrook’s community spirit….!

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Photo by MartaZ*

Hey everyone:

Lindsay P. , one of our Service Coordinators, shared this awesome story of a scene she witnessed last night in her home town of Cranbrook. Thanks Lindsay and way to go Cranbrook…!!!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to quickly share what’s been happening in Cranbrook.  Some folks have created a group for those who have birthdays, and can’t celebrate them.  They decorate their vehicles and do a drive by parade of honking and waving.  (In addition to that I know Cranbrook is with the masses in celebrating front line workers at 7:00pm every night.)

The girls and I had the pleasure last night of seeing a birthday drive by(not sure who’s birthday it was), but this caravan of vehicles drove past our street, cheering, honking and waving to everyone in their windows.  An ambulance and a police car were part of it too.  It was a pretty neat experience, and I was proud of the way our small community has come together during this time.

I must say, social distancing and social isolating has been easy for me being introverted, yet this particular moment last night felt heart breaking and emotionally charged for me thinking about all those things people (kids) are having to forgo during this time for the safety and well being of the world.  It also made me think again about all those people that might be really struggling with this idea.

Anyways, just a little story I thought I would share to add some positivity to the day.

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