David Wells jamming at Ellison’s…!

Check this out! From Norm Richard:

 I thought I would share what happened on Saturday at Ellison’s Cafe where I organize Acoustic Unplugged Sessions. One of the musicians I had booked used to be homeless and wasn’t confident that he was up for this but I talked him into it, he’s an award winning sculptor who slipped through the cracks and plays at least four instruments. He plays piano and once told me he heard David play one too and was very impressed.


 Near the end of his session, he asked if it would be ok to invite David, who was there with Brenda, to play for the audience and help him out. David was unsure if he was solo but happy to do this, he played mostly with his thumbs and did very well. The place was packed with many standing as the headliners were about to come on and they were professional caliber. People were amazed and David was in his glory, he received a huge applause and compliments.
 The next act came up and started to play bluegrass, David is not allowed to play tambo
urine at the bluegrass jam that we attend due to tradition, so he plays shaker and harmonica instead (but dreams of showing them what he can do on it). He had brought his tambourine that day and asked the lead musician Craig, if he could join in, Craig accepted. I reminded David to keep it soft and he did very well. Craig was impressed, encouraged him and even gave him a solo break. The audience loved it and David was beaming. The music rhythm was even and just right for David, he played til the end, got more applause and compliments.
 This made my day and David’s, hope it brightens yours too. Here’s a couple photos and a short video ☼♫

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