Kelowna: Special Olympics health screening day April 12, 2014

This got passed on to us the other day (edited), might be of interest for some of you who are wondering about participating in Special Olympics or just interested in some general knowledge about your health:

We are three medical students collaborating with Special Olympics of BC  to organize the first annual Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Screening Day.

The health fair will be held in Kelowna and is open to all athletes and community members, regardless of whether they are competing in the Games.  It is an event that promotes communication and education for athletes, caregivers, health professionals and even the community at large.  The ultimate goal of this health fair is to support athletes who live with a disability by providing a fun and safe environment to learn about health issues.
The health screenings offered include:
Fit Feet (podiatry)
Fun Fitness
Health Promotion booths:
-BMI/waist circumference
-Nutrition and hydration
-Sun safety
-Blood pressure
-Hand hygiene

When: April 12th, 2014 from 10AM to 2PM(please arrive between 10AM and 2PM)

Where: UBC Okanagan Ballroom (UNC 200). Map here:







*Who*: Anyone who is eligible for Special Olympics is welcome to visit! All ages welcome!
This event will be a great opportunity for all participants to meet health care professionals, Special Olympic athletes, and other members of the community, while learning about health issues relevant to all participants.
No need to RSVP! Please come if you’re interested in participating.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

All the best,
Sara Treloar

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