BE WELL: Covid-19 and being active…

Hey everyone, we posted about a series of self-help booklets available for download…and this one talks about exercise and how important being active is to your health and wellbeing! If you needs some ideas for new and fun things to try, why not choose a brand new way to get active and stay healthy?

Check it out, and let us know your favorite way to keep active in the comments!

Mental Health Self-Help Booklet series…

If you need resources for those you support, check out this series of self-help booklets designed to provide people with an opportunity to talk through feelings, and to make plans for staying well. They are available through H-CARRD (Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities) on their website.

The booklets cover a number of topics, including:

  • Coronavirus
  • Feeling anxious about Coronavirus
  • Feeling down
  • Exercise and staying active
  • Sleep
  • Problem solving

The booklets can all be used with support from family members, friends, staff and health care professionals.