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What’s On at the HSSSBCFebruary 2024 Edition
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Happy February to everyone in the Home Sharing community! We have been very busy at the HSSSBC planning events, speakers & opportunities for you to provide your input to make a difference in home sharing.
This month CLBC announced the new NTG 2024 Family Webinar Series which includes 5 free webinars discussing again and dementia with an intellectual disability. Registration is required.

Learn more about this program visit NTG’s Website or by clicking here.
February 27th, 2023: 1pm-2pm ESTTopic: Process of Aging
March 12th, 2024: 1pm-2pm ESTTopic: Early Screening for Cognitive Changes
March 26th, 2024: 1pm-2pm ESTTopic: Life Planning for Different Phases of the Life Journey
April 9th, 2024: 1pm-2pm ESTTopic: Behavioral Changes that Occur with Aging & Dementia
April 23rd, 2024: 1pm-2:30pm ESTTopic: Family Panel – Sharing Personal Experiences
Our Connect & Collaborate Session this month is a webinar discussing Mental Health in the Home Sharing Community!
Overview of SessionEmotional Well-being, Stress Management, and Self-Care in Home Sharing ArrangementsSupporting people with mental health diagnosisSupporting people with complex support needs (substance abuse, challenging behaviours)Resources, Supports & Information
February 15, 2024 – Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Link for registration
Want to see what is coming up in future Connect & Collaborate sessions? Check out our events HERE. We heard your feedback & this year there will be more opportunities for networking & connections at each session.
Are you part of the home sharing community? Do you want to access free Harm Reduction Training?
This course is designed to empower you with practical knowledge and strategies that can be applied both personally and within the scope of home sharing. As we continue our commitment to the well-being of our members, we believe that investing in harm reduction education is a meaningful step towards creating a safer and more supportive homes and communities.
Key Course Details:Duration: 30 days (self-paced) Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and access to MS Office 2010 or later Language: English (reading and writing at a grade 8 level) Enrollment: Register at any time during the month or year
Link for registration
Co-Design Labs
Our Co-Design Labs are based on the philosophy community-led lived-experience. This means that we invite people to engage as members of the home sharing community, to share their direct personal experiences. These experiences are important as they hold the nuances and elements of lived-experience from community stories, events, and happenings that are critical to the framing and shaping of experience.
Our co-design labs  aim to always work closely with how the communities we are collaborating with shape and define lived-experience from the perspectives of people within co-design.
Our current topic of focus is respite.  The home sharing communities expertise and experience will be important as we continue to plan for the future of home sharing.
Join our co-design lab to provide your input. 
Register HERE

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