Safely active springtime!

Hey everyone, welcome to Health & Safety Month 2022! Today, we’re looking at how to be safe while staying active.

It’s springtime – and the days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting higher, and the plants are getting bigger! For many of us, springtime brings sports, hiking, picnics, gardening, and just generally getting outside more often.

Being outside can also mean sports injuries, insect bites, allergies, sun exposure, storms. HealthLinkBC has a great page full of resources to help you be prepared as you venture out to enjoy spring, including:

  • Common Sports Injuries and First Aid (bruises, elbow injuries, hand/finger/wrist injuries, leg injuries, head injuries)
  • Insect Bites and Stings (allergies and toxic reactions to bites, home remedies, insect vs spider bites, insect repellant and DEET, tick bites)
  • Plants and Wildlife (rodents, moths, wilderness and wildlife risks, poison ivy, oak, sumac)
  • Seasonal Allergies (allergy triggers, allergy shots, medications, hay fever)
  • Sun Safety (heat protection, ultraviolet radiation, sun safety)

Most importantly, the website can help you learn about the benefits of physical activity, how to add more physical activity to your life, how to set physical activity goals, and how to stay safe while being physically active.

So let’s get out there and enjoy springtime – safely!

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