Caregiving And…STRESS

We are featuring Caregivers for the whole month of November! You can expect us post about requested topics and issues specific to caregivers. Let’s dive right in.

DIVING IN: Stress and caregiving —You are a caregiver, and the work you do is very important and very rewarding – but it can also be very stressful when the work is never truly “done.” Meet the Frates family, as they talk about some of the challenges of caregiving.

Compassion Fatigue: Frates family on challenges of caregiving,Boston Herald(Dec 25, 2017)

DRILLING DOWN: Risks and burnout — Experiencing stress (emotionally and physically) is common for most caregivers – but did you know there’s also risk factors that make you more likely to experience stress as a caregiver? You can read the full list here, but it includes living with the person you are caring for, being socially isolated, having depression, and experiencing financial difficulties. Even if these factors don’t apply you in a “typical” year, keep in mind that this hasn’t been “a typical year.” You might experience these risk factors this year because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, or these factors might be affecting you more now than they did before. Over time, stress can lead to burnout. Here are some signs of caregiver stress and burnout.

DIGGING DEEP: Taking action — Coping with stress can look different for everyone, but taking action includes acknowledging and talking about stress, recognizing and talking about the risks of burnout, and prioritizing taking care of yourself in an ongoing way. There are also 27 specific coping strategies on this website. Share which ones you think are best in the comments!

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